2016 Baen Fantasy Award

IMG_20160806_172709829I am excited to announce that my story, “The Lavender Paladin,” won the 2016 Baen Fantasy Award!

“The Lavender Paladin” is a story about doing the right thing, even when the cost is high. Perhaps especially when the cost is high. Because that’s when it means the most.

You can read the whole story on the Baen website.

The story is a sort of prequel to the novel I am currently revising, taking place some ten years prior to the novel’s beginning. Bringing in a few cast members from the wider world of an epic fantasy brought real depth to the characters—showing the tip of the iceberg, as it were.

The entire family drove out to Indianapolis for the awards ceremony during the GenCon Writers Symposium. I got to meet a few of my favorite agent prospects, as well as a few of my idols—Robin Hobb, Pat Rothfuss, just to name a few. The whole experience was a fascinating view inside the publishing world.

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