Editorial Services

Having trouble capturing the interest of your dream agent and/or publisher? I can help.

Though I specialize in speculative fiction—fantasy and sci fi—I am widely read, from historical fiction to young adult to thrillers and everything in between. Trends? I’m on top of ’em. Tropes, too, as well as how to invert them. I know what makes a story stand out.

Query and Synopsis Critique

When you query agents, are you getting only form rejections or no response at all? This is the package for you.


We’ll work together as needed to make sure you have the right hook for your story, bring out your writing voice, and follow the the format your dream agent requires. This can be done after your manuscript is complete, or before you’ve even started writing to assess your story’s appeal in the current market.

If you’re just looking for help getting started, here is a good resource on how to write a query (reedsy.com) and my own process for a synopsis.

Developmental Edit

Your query is getting nibbles (i.e. you’re getting requests for fulls or partials), but the agents still aren’t biting? I will help you elevate your story above and beyond.

0.5¢ per word
($500 at 100k)

After reading your story, I will compose an edit letter identifying issues and offering suggestions for how you might address them. This includes things such as:

  • Character depth and growth arcs. We’ll discuss tricks of the trade for ramping up believability, improving flat or unsympathetic characters, and bringing your characters to life on and beyond the page.
  • Plot and pacing. I’ll point out plot holes and dropped story arcs, and provide direction on possible fixes. I’ll identify scenes you can afford to cut or consolidate as well as where the story needs fleshing out. I’ll suggest ways to heighten tension and conflict, the suspense of your climax, and the poignancy of your dénouement.
  • As needed, we’ll get into story structure, scene sequel plotting, foreshadowing, avoiding tropes and clichés, and any other tools you need to craft an outstanding novel.

Afterwards, I’ll be available for consultation. If anything in the edit letter is unclear or needs further explanation, or you need someone to bounce ideas off of as you revise, I’m here for you.

Wow. I am beyond impressed with the edit letter and truly cannot thank you enough. When I finished reading my first thought was: now THIS book, I want to read. And I want it now. The motivation you have given me as well as the ideas and direction are priceless.

—Amanda Rodrigues

Line Edit

Looking to improve your prose, sentence structure, and grammar? I can help there, too.

0.5¢ per word
($500 at 100k)

You will receive inline comments as I read your story. We’ll work on catching confusing and awkward sentences, bringing out your voice, improving word choice, and tightening your dialogue and prose.

Note: this is not a proofread. Your publishing house generally handles that (unless you are self-publishing). I may occasionally mark grammar errors, especially if you are consistently making the same mistake, but typos and grammar are not the focus. A line edit is largely about readability and flow.

Oh, my. Where do I even begin?

Probably with THIS IS SUPER AWESOME!!!

Seriously, this is exactly the kind of help I’m looking for. The moving sentences around, adding/removing descriptions, and suggestions for better or alternate words is just what I needed. From the very first line, I knew you had magic and that you would use it on this manuscript.

Mara Jams